Allmax Sport All Mass Muscle Gainer 5kg

260.00 AED

Post-Workout Gainer
Amazing Milkshake Taste
2000 Muscle Building Calories

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The simple truth is that most athletes do not eat enough to fully recover from hard practicing or training. The tedious act of consuming the necessary calories every single day is the hardest part of putting on lean body weight and recovering from intense exercise. ALLMASS provides up to 2000 calories per serving, basically hacking your nutritional program, and making it an easy area of success for the young athlete hungry for results.

Introducing ALLMAX SPORT ALLMASS Advanced Muscle Builder. Our Advanced Muscle Builder mixes instantly in ice-cold water or milk and tastes like a thick frothy milkshake. Get a massive 2000 calories and 80 grams of protein in every 5 scoops.

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Chocolate, Vanilla




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