B.Well Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor – MED 55
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B.Well Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor – MED 55

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Automatic blood pressure monitor, model MED-55
Anatomic M-L size cuff for an upper arm circumference of 22-42 cm
Batteries of AAA type – 4 pcs.
Instruction manual
Storage bag

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B.Well MED-55 automatic blood pressure monitor provides an advanced measurement accuracy.

Pressure readings can be affected by excitement, fatigue, and presence of arrhythmia. Therefore, doctors recommend to make at least 2 measurements and calculate the average value. 3Check technology was created in accordance with recommendations of the World Health Organization on blood pressure control.

3check mode:
Three consecutive measurements in the automatic mode
Analysis of the measurement data based on a special algorithm
Maximized accuracy of blood pressure calculation
Where necessary, the device automatically performs a fourth, additional measurement
Expert accuracy in pressure measurement results

B.Well MED-55 automatic blood pressure monitor is a modern device with unique technologies.

The MED-55 blood pressure monitor provides an advanced accuracy thanks to 3check technology. In 3check mode, the device automatically performs three consecutive measurements and analyzes the results using a special algorithm. Because blood pressure constantly fluctuates, a result determined in this way is more reliable than one produced by a single measurement. You can choose between the 3check mode with a triple measurement and the single measurement mode.

Thanks to traffic lights backlight you will immediately understand the level of measured pressure. Colored display backlight (green, yellow or red) indicates the level of blood pressure.

The innovative Intellect Active technology will allow an accurate, quick and careful measurement. The MED-55 automatic blood pressure monitor performs measurement during air inflation and adjusts to each user determining the individual level of the cuff pumping.

The blood pressure monitor is powered by a standard micro USB adapter or four AAA batteries. To operate MED-55, you can use a certified adapter from your phone or tablet.

MED-55 has memory for two users, 60 measurements each, with date and time indication. These are two journals of measurements which are always at hand. In addition, MED-55 has a “Guest Mode”: in this mode, the blood pressure monitor does not memorize measurement results. Another person can use the MED-55 for pressure measurement, and only your stored results will remain in memory

MED-55 has a special function for the cuff position verification. The accuracy of measurement depends not only on a reliable blood pressure monitor, but also on the correct cuff position and measurement technique. The B.Well blood pressure monitor will verify if the cuff is applied correctly and will display errors.

The B.Well cuff has an anatomic fan shape for a tight fitting and accurate measurement. You can easily put on the B.Well cuff on your own. The universal M-L size cuff for an upper arm circumference of 22–42 cm is suitable for people of different body constitutions.

MED-55 is the most modern and technologically advanced B.Well blood pressure monitor. 3check technology allows results as accurate as at the doctor’s office. The traffic lights display indicates the level of the measured results, and Intellect Active provides fast and gentle measurement. The stylish compact body and large display makes using the blood pressure monitor especially comfortable.




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