B.Well Oral Irrigator – WI 922

302.40 AED


B.Well WI-922 is a stationary irrigator for the entire family. This device is designed for professional cleaning of teeth and mouth cavity.

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B.Well irrigator features the pulse mode — this operation mode has proven effective.

WI-922 makes it easy to select the proper jet intensity level — the device features ten modes ranging from 207 to 827 kPa. Smooth continuous power control allows adjusting jet intensity according to your sensations.

The nozzle rotates 360 degrees to clean the hardest-to-reach places. The device comes complete with seven nozzles: Three standard nozzles for the entire family, as well as special nozzles for the tongue, brackets, gums, and artificial structures. The nozzles are conveniently stored in a special case under the lid of the device.

The WI-922 irrigator operates on main power supplies. Continuous operating time is up to 30 minutes.

The water tank capacity is 600 ml.

The clever design — featuring the handle holder, anti-slip stable legs, and the long water hose — makes the B.Well device easy and convenient to use.

What is inside the box?

Irrigator handle with a hose – 1 pc.
Water tank (600 ml) – 1 pc.
Tank cover with a storage case for nozzles – 1 pc.
Standard nozzle – 3 pcs.
Tongue cleaning nozzle – 1 pc.
Orthodontic nozzle – 1 pc.
Periodontal nozzle – 1 pcs.
Nozzle for implants, dental bridges, crowns, and veneers – 1 pc.
Operation Manual and Warranty Card




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