Bepanthen SensiDaily Cream 150ml
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Bepanthen SensiDaily Cream 150ml

89.00 AED

Bepanthen SensiDaily cream is a deep skin moisturizer developed for skin prone to eczema
SensiDaily cream is formulated with prebiotics that stimulate natural skin protection
This deeply hydrating cream contains natural oils, vitamin B3, and panthenol which not only support the skin barrier but also provide long-lasting protection
Bepanthen SensiDaily is clinically tested by pediatricians and is suitable for adults and babies with sensitive, eczema-prone skin
Bepanthen SensiDaily is free from preservatives, colorants and perfumes
Use SensiDaily with Bepanthen Sensiderm for the fast and long-lasting relief of eczema-prone skin

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Bepanthen SensiDaily keeps your skin free from peaks of extreme dryness for at least three months, whereas Sensiderm cream aids itch and redness relief within just 30 minutes. Bepanthen SensiDaily cream provides long-term moisturization and effective protection to eczema-prone skin. It is recommended to use every day during flare-free periods as opposed to Sensiderm cream which relieves eczema symptoms when experiencing flares.

Clinically tested by pediatricians, SensiDaily cream is well tolerated and suitable for both adults as well as babies with sensitive skin. It does not contain preservatives, colorants, or perfumes.


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