Cholley Suisse CELLIPEX Emulsion Silhouette

535.50 AED

– Intense diuretic action to relieve water retention and toxins
– Lipolytic action to reduce fat
– Stimulates capillary circulation for better oxygenation, thereby regulating heat balance and fat cell metabolism
– Strengthens tissues and protects the integrity of cell membranes
– Relieves and revitalizes

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One of the best anti-cellulite creams is CELLIPEX Emulsion Specialized for Silhouette. It is a very thick liquid cream that contains a lot of phytoextracts that have diuretic and lipolytic (fat-crushing) characteristics. Poor metabolic function causes fat to accumulate and adipose tissue (fat cells) to thicken, both of which contribute to the development of cellulite. The issue is made worse by the extra fluid that has been retained, which stops the tissues from receiving the oxygen they require and obstructs the effective removal of toxins. This is why cellulite-affected areas typically have a little lower temperature and a less robust metabolic activity than usual.

Adipose tissue can be normalized with the use of CELLIPEX Emulsion Specially Formulated for Silhouette. One of its primary purposes is


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