Fit & Lean Clinical for Weight Loss – 30 Capsules
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Fit & Lean Clinical for Weight Loss – 30 Capsules

138.65 AED

Supports weight loss, burns fat
Helps control hunger
Reduces absorption of carbs and sugars
Boosts metabolism

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Fit&lean clinical is a convenient, once daily formula designed with clinically tested ingredients to support effective weight loss. Clinic’s advanced three stage mechanism of action is driven by clinical doses of potent isolated herbal extracts shown to effectively boost your metabolism and increase calorie burning, while helping reduce the absorption of carbohydrates and curbing your appetite. Now you can overcome the challenges of dieting and achieve your fitness goals with clinical. Clinical is designed to support satiety and blood sugar management with a clinical dose of metavive, a potently standardized Salacia chinensis extract. Metavive appears to work by inhibiting α-glucosidase, an enzyme in the intestine that is responsible for breaking down carbohydrates to glucose, thereby limiting the absorption of carbs and sugars. Consequently, clinical research shows that supplementation with metavive helps impact hormones that play a role in satiety as well as supporting healthy glycemic and insulin responses. This can help give you the willpower to stick to your diet and reach your goals. Even with strict dieting, a slow metabolism can bring your results to a crawl. This is why clinical features a clinical dosage of grains of Paradise standardized for the bioactive compound 6-paradol. In two clinical trials, supplementation with this plant extract promoted significant improvements in metabolic rate and fat loss, with subjects burning up to 100 Extra calories daily. The formula also features green tea standardized for polyphenol and ECG, powerful anti-oxidants that can further boost metabolism and fat burning.’


Fit & Lean


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