Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Solution 250ml
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Green Cross Isopropyl Alcohol 70% Solution 250ml

12.60 AED

  • For disinfection, sterilization, body massage, relief of prickly heat and insect bites, hygienic purposes or general antiseptic
  • For use in hospital and sick room or everyday hygiene
  • Each 100ml contains 70ml of Isopropyl Alcohol
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Improving hygiene habits and protecting the health of generations. Green Cross is on a mission to improve hygiene habits for everyone to enjoy healthier lives. Introduced over 60 years ago, Green Cross continues to provide products that help protect the health of millions of consumers daily. Green Cross Alcohol provides everyday, accessible disinfecting with its range of isopropyl-based rubbing alcohols. 99.9% effective against bacteria and viruses. Green Cross Alcohol also has a moisturizer to prevent skin dryness.


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