GUM Technique+ Toothbrush (490) Soft – Assorted Color

14.70 AED

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Anti-sensitivity action
Anti-bacterial action through chloride Cetylpyridinium.
Neutralizes free radicals
Revitalizing action on gums
Butler Gum Sensivital Toothpaste helps to quickly relieve the pain of the most sensitive teeth. Specially formulated for the daily relief and prevention of dental sensitivity, reinforcing the natural defenses of the mouth to help protect teeth and gums from external aggressions and the natural process of aging.

The special formulation revitalizes gums and demineralizes tooth enamel so that your mouth stays healthy throughout life, free from dental sensitivity.Anti-bacterial action through chloride Cetylpyridinium and action revitalizing gums with Aloe Vera, Allantoin, Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B5.