Kevin Levrone BCAA Defender 250gm – Tropical Fruits Flavor

Kevin Levrone BCAA Defender 250gm – Tropical Fruits Flavor

LEVRONE BCAA DEFENDER is a product, which allows you to enrich your daily diet with a complex of valuable essential amino acids BCAA, which have an original ratio of 8:1:1

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The formula has been enriched with valuable additives L-cytruline, electrolytes and valuable vitamins. The product is recommended for recreational exercisers and professional athletes who wish to supplement their diet with a BCAA amino acid complex during increased psychophysical activity.


• Branched-chain BCAA amino acids in the form of an easily dissolvable powder for preparing a refreshing drink.

• Handy support for your daily diet – exogenous amino acids cannot be synthesised by the body and must be supplied from external sources.

• A complex of exogenous BCAA amino acids in a non-standard 8:1:1 ratio – high leucine content, one of the fundamental amino acids for building proteins and muscles.

• Some scientific studies indicate that supplementation with essential amino acids BCAA during strength training and other forms of physical activity may be beneficial for protein synthesis and reduce feelings of muscle fatigue[1,2,3]

• The use of L-citrulline may have positive effects on reducing feelings of fatigue and improving physical performance[3,4]

• B vitamins contribute to the proper functioning of the nervous system, reduction of feelings of fatigue, and maintenance of optimal psychological functions, among other things[5]

• Vitamin C has a valuable effect on the proper functioning of immunity, maintenance of optimal energy metabolism, proper production of collagen and protection of cells against oxidative stress[5]

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