Lancaster Sun Beauty Sublime Tan SPF30 Face Cream 50ml

139.01 AED

Exclusive infrared technology to protect your skin, beyond UVB & UVA filters, by also protecting from infrared rays that are responsible for the decline in skin firmness and elasticity. Use this product with endorsed tan activator complex for an even, deeper, flawless tan.

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Lancaster Sun Beauty Sublime Tan Velvet Cream SPF30 is a hydrating facial sunscreen that enhances tanning while protecting. With moisturizing ingredients, that help keep the skin hydrated, this facial sunscreen helps prevent dehydration and leaves your skin feeling pleasantly moisturized. Thanks to the exclusive Full Light Technology, it is a broad-spectrum sunscreen able to protect the skin from four types of radiation (UVA, UVB, infrared and visible light). And, with the Tan Activator Complex, it also stimulates melanin production and enhances the tanning process. With a comforting texture, it is, in essence, a facial sunscreen that not only hydrates and protects but also promotes a sublime tan. All in all, it is a facial sunscreen that keeps the skin beautifully comforted while ensuring a radiant and even tan and protecting the skin from solar radiation.




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