Lancaster Sun Sensitive Luminous Tan SPF50 Softening Milk 125ml

187.95 AED

  • Water-resistant.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • High tolerance formula .
  • Full Light Technology, provides unique protection against infrared and visible light rays, even for sun-induced skin reactions.
  • Sensiboost complex enhances the skin’s natural resistance and reduces skin redness and irritation.
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Lancaster Sun Sensitive Luminous Tan Oil-Free Milk SPF50 was specially developed to protect sensitive and sun-sensitive skin, while providing a soothing and replenishing action, simultaneously. Suitable for the skin of your body, the Lancaster Sun Sensitive Luminous Tan Milk promises to become your new best friend when it comes to enjoying the sun, especially if you struggle with delicate skin. Infused with the innovative Full Light Technology, this sunscreen is, first of all, extremely competent. This system shields the skin from all types of sun rays including Visible Light and Infrared. Moreover, in this composition, we also find the Natural-Origin Sunsicalm Complex, a skincare technology that provides a calming effect and protects the skin from sun-induced damage. Like so, the Lancaster Sun Sensitive Luminous Tan Milk is a high-tolerance and efficient sun protector, at once. In addition to all of this, this product also has a tan-enhancing effect, boosting its natural process and melanin production. Therefore, it helps sensitive skin to achieve a radiant and even tan effortlessly. The Lancaster Sun Sensitive Luminous Tan Milk also follows the brand’s guidelines regarding sustainability. As a vegan and clean composition, this product has mostly natural-origin ingredients and does not harm marine life. Furthermore, the packaging contains post-consumer recycled material, focusing on reducing the brand’s environmental impact.




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