Novalac Infant Formula Milk Powder – Stage 1

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“Novalac Infant Formula Milk Stage 1 is milk formula for feeding babies up to six months old when breastfeeding is not applied
It contains Iron and Protein, and it is also gluten-free”

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Skimmed Milk● Milk Proteins● Vegetable Oils (Palm Soy● Coconut)● Maltodextrin● Tricalcium Citrate● Emulsifier (Soy Lecithin)● Vitamins (a ●b1● B2● B2● B6● C● D3● E● K1● Biotin● Folic Acid● Niacin Pantothenic Acid)● Calcium Chloride● Potassium Chloride● Sodium Chloride● Taurine● Ferrous Sulphate● Inositol● Zinc Sulphate● Antioxidants (Extract Rich in Tocopherols)● Magnesium Oxide● Sodium Selenite● Cupric Sulphate● L-carnitine● Potassium Iodide● Manganese Sulphate● Choline Bitartrate and Dipotassium Phosphate.”

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