Orofar 0.2% Buccal Spray 30ml
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Orofar 0.2% Buccal Spray 30ml

30.00 AED

  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent
  • Maintenance treatment for angina
  • Does not cause irritation of the mouth and throat
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Orofar Buccal Spray relieves the symptoms of infections in the oral and pharyngeal cavity (local disinfectant and analgesic effect). It relieves symptoms associated with pharyngitis, laryngitis, sore throat with the common cold, stomatitis, aphthae, and gingivitis. Orofar contains active ingredients Benzoxonium chloride, a disinfectant, and Lidocaine, a local pain-relieving drug. The antiseptic active ingredient benzoxonium chloride acts directly in the mouth and throat against viruses and bacteria while the active ingredient Lidocaine relieves the pain.


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