Parodontax Complete Protection Toothpaste 75ml
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Parodontax Complete Protection Toothpaste 75ml

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Parodontax Complete Protection is more than just a toothpaste. It’s one product in which Parodontax has combined all the expertise it has gained in gum care with everything you need to keep your teeth strong and shiny white. Its eight benefits give you everything you’d expect from a toothpaste. It can help prevent bleeding gums, or eliminate it once it’s happened. Soothes irritated, inflamed gums and helps keep them firm. Removes plaque more effectively than other toothpastes, even those formulated for people with sensitive teeth. Gently whitens teeth and strengthens enamel. And in addition to thorough cleaning, you can also use it to combat bad breath. Most importantly, healthy gums are essential for strong teeth. If they bleed or become inflamed, it could be a sign of other very serious problems. It can pull back from the teeth, causing them to eventually loosen, which inevitably leads to tooth loss. So the first signs of oral cavity problems should not be ignored!