Philips Avent Nipple Shield Small (SCF 153/01) – Pack of 2

54.60 AED

  • Shaped to allow skin contact
  • Protect sore nipples
  • Small(15mm)
  • 2 pcs
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Nipple shields are designed to help you breastfeed when you are experiencing nipple issues or latch on challenges. The ultra-thin butterfly shaped nipple shield allows breast contact for baby and helps continue bonding as you breasfeed.

Our Nipple Shields ultra-thin butterfly shape is designed for skin-to-skin contact for baby. Thanks to the shape not only the nose is in contact with the breast but also the chin allowing the baby to smell mom`s scent and touch mom`s skin. Just position the shield over the center of your nipple to make sure your baby can properly latch on the entire areola. Enjoy bonding with your litttle one while protecting your nipples.

We designed our Nipple Shields to help babies with early latch on challenges and help you breastfeed longer*. For mothers with flat and inverted nipples and babies with weak sucking technique or oral anomalies, the Nipple Shield can provide a nipple shape for latch on, keeping and maintaining a protruded position during baby`s feeding pauses.

Nipple shields are designed to provide comfort and gentler feedings for sore, cracked or painful nipples. They can help reduce rubbing and stretching of nipples during breastfeeding so you can feed baby your best milk in comfort.


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