Revuele Express Fresh Normalising Face Tonic 250ml
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Revuele Express Fresh Normalising Face Tonic 250ml

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These tonics help cleanse and improve the skin’s appearance. Formulated for different skin types, they will not only cleanse and tone the face, but bring maximum comfort to the skin.

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This normalising face tonic minimises pore size, effectively cleansing and refreshing skin susceptible to greasiness and enlarged pores. The formula is quickly absorbed, softening the skin and producing a long-lasting matte effect. The active ingredients help decrease sebum production by reducing the secretion of sebaceous glands. The tonic cleanses the skin by constricting pore size and preventing the formation of blackheads without blocking the pores entirely.


• Reduces sebum production.
• Long-lasting matte effect.
• Removes oily shine.
• Reduction of enlarged Reduces pore size.
• Prevents clogging of pores and formation of blackheads.




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