Revuele Face Toner with Contella Extract 400ml
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Revuele Face Toner with Contella Extract 400ml

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Witch Hazel Extract is derived from the Hamamelis plant and has been used as a natural skin toner for ages. It has a prominent skin tightening and pore-minimizing effect, whilst also soothing and cleansing the skin. The toning properties of this natural ingredient make it a valuable base for contemporary skincare products as well.
The Toner is enriched with Centella Asiatica Extract to help soothe, calm, and restore the skin. Thanks to its antioxidant and hydrating properties, the Centella is a preferred ingredient to use on irritated or compromised skin. This product is unscented, which makes it suitable even for sensitive skin.

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We designed a series of three Face Toners based on Witch Hazel Extract, each accompanied by a different all-time favourite natural ingredient for extra benefits to the skin:

Rose Water for revitalizing effect;
Coconut Water for hydrating effect;
Centella Extract for soothing the skin.

The REVUELE Face Toners with Witch Hazel Extract are gentle cleansing and toning solutions, working to remove excess sebum, tighten the pores and purify the skin from oil buildups, and daily impurities. Formulated without alcohol, they don’t irritate or over-dry the skin.




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