Revuele Matting Facial Tonic 200ml
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Revuele Matting Facial Tonic 200ml

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This soft facial tonic gently removes impurities and excess sebum; it gives your skin a velvety matte finish without an oily sheen. The Silver Ions provide a purifying effect. The Salicylic Acid dries up spots and pimples, prevents the formation of blackheads and the “plugging” of your pores. The Fast-Mat Complex instantly adds a matte finish to the skin and reduces excessive secretion of sebum. After the first application, your skin is rendered matte, pores become smaller and the natural moisture of the skin is restored. This product is alcohol-free.

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Activated Carbon is renowned to pull out dirt from the pores, making them appear smaller and less visible. This product line is designed to combat skin issues with large pores and blemishes.




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