Revuele Slim and Detox Fat Burner Cream Mask 200ml
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Revuele Slim and Detox Fat Burner Cream Mask 200ml

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Cream-mask with а blend from Caffeine, Centella Asiatica, Panthenol and Kaolin, and Elastin, which allows correcting the contours of the body without the appearance of sagging and stretch marks. Since the synthesis of Collagen and Elastin is greatly reduced by 30 years, to preserve the elasticity of the skin it is necessary to maintain their level in the body. Elastin included in the product is well absorbed by the skin, has a humectant capacity, restores the elasticity of the skin tissues, and improves overall skin tone.

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REVUELE SLIM & DETOX collection is designed to deal with some of the most common problems associated with cellulite and fat accumulation. This series consists of three products enriched with effective ingredients that support the natural processes in the skin, improve blood circulation, and help it look smoother. The formulas with concentrated high-quality ingredients work effectively for visible and fast results.




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