Revuele Slim and Detox Firming Gel with Caffeine 200ml
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Revuele Slim and Detox Firming Gel with Caffeine 200ml

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REVUELE SLIM & DETOX WITH CAFFEINE is a collection developed for body shape care. Enriched with Caffeine and effective complexes, these products are a great addition to the everyday body care routine if you are looking for faster and more effective results. All the formulas are enriched with high-quality ingredients and have light consistency that absorbs immediately into the skin, without leaving a greasy layer.

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Firming gel for problem areas enriched with Caffeine and Liftliss Complex™ improves skin elasticity, which makes it look tighter.

Active complex on the basis of Caffeine:

• improves muscle tone, making skin more elastic and smooth
• restores skin tone and elasticity
• has a lifting effect reducing the appearance of sagging skin, stretch marks, and “orange peel”
• promotes lymph flow and toxins removal
• moisturizes and gives softness
• removes excess liquid from the tissues, correcting the silhouette
• helps burn fats.

Due to included Liftliss Complex, the gel stimulates cell renewal, making the skin of the problem areas more toned, visually adjusting the contours of the body. The silhouette becomes more elegant and attractive, and smoothness and skin tone are restored. Improved skin tone prevents the development of cellulite and stretch marks.




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