Revule Intense Relief Hand Cream with Chamomile 100ml
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Revule Intense Relief Hand Cream with Chamomile 100ml

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Soaps and disinfectants may dry your skin, leaving it rough, chapped, and flaky. Treat your hands with Intense Relief with Chamomile!
Chamomile is an all-time favourite for providing a calming effect on the skin. This instantly soothing and softening cream will help ease the discomfort caused by over-drying the hands with soaps and sanitisers. It will contribute to the recovery of your healthy, supple skin that looks and feels good.

This soothing and softening cream is infused with:
+ calming Chamomile
+ healing Calendula
+ softening Shea Butter
+ strengthening Urea
+ moisturising Glycerin

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Today personal hygiene and disinfection are more important than ever. But while we constantly wash our hands with soaps and clean them with antibacterial wipes or disinfectants, the skin of our hands gets dry, rough, chapped, and flaky. The hands need special care and treatment that protects their skin. That is why we developed a series of advanced hand creams, providing extra care for the skin.
Use them every time after hand washing or disinfection to help recover the beautiful and youthful softness of your hands!




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