Starlabs Nutrition WP8 Myobolic 2.27kg
295.05 AED Select options

Starlabs Nutrition WP8 Myobolic 2.27kg

295.05 AED

  • Highest quality protein
  • Nitrogen recovery and retention increase muscle mass
  • Enhanced with BCAAs and EAAs that enhance repair
  • Easy mixing and better taste, without aspartame
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WP8 MYOBOLIC 2.0 is a whey protein product of the highest quality high quality that has been designed based on the tastiest and most effective sustained release protein blend on the market.

WP8 contains a precise combination of fast-release whey protein (whey protein hydrolyzate, whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate) and a slow-digesting protein such as casein that provides aconstant supply of amino acids for several hours to the bloodstream. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and are responsible for building muscle. To maximize effects and ensure proper muscle growth, the formula has been enriched with amino acids (BCAAs and EEAs) which enhance muscle repair, recovery and nitrogen retention.

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